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Our ultra light sneaker has quickly become one of our most ordered shoes - perfect for any day of effortless fun & run! 


  • 10 colors
  • Your child can put it on themselves without the hassle of tying shoe laces. 
  • Fully bendable sole.
  • Approx. 8 months to 8 years.
    Always measure the foot before ordering as the age reference is just a reference.

Click here for size chart

19             13.3 CM
20             14.0 CM
21             14.7 CM
22             15.4 CM

23             16.1 CM

24             16.8 CM

25             17.5 CM
26             18.1 CM
27             18.8 CM
28             19.4 CM
29             20.0 CM

30             20.7 CM

Size help:

The sneaker should have a snug fit due to its slip-on design but we recommend that you allow for approximately 1,5 cm to grow in.

Example: If your child's foot is 16 cm, size 25 should be perfect and allow space to grow in. Always measure the foot before ordering.

Can be washed - machine wash 30 °C. Air Dry. Do not tumble try.
Do not sun dry - Make sure the shoes are not dried in the sun as the heat on wet shoes can make the sole glue loose. The glue in the shoe is vegan and water based 

Upper part: Flyknit fabric made of recycled polyester 
Sole: Flexible & 100% bendable Nature rubber 

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