Little Explorer Boots


75 EUR 

The perfect spring, autumn and winter boot for your little ones winter adventures! 

Our boot is so flexible that you can even fold it completely. It has a very comfortable fit for your little one and it has quickly become one of your favorites!  


  • 6 colors 
  • 100% flexible sole 
  • The boot got a zipper for a flexible and easy put-on experience. Water resistant & stand snow & rain well - but not to be replaced/used as rain boot. 
  • Approx 12 months – 8 years. Always measure the foot before ordering as the age reference is just a reference.

A child's foot is constantly growing and to allow room to grow, you should choose a Winter Boot which inner dimensions are 2-2,5 cm larger than the foot.
2,5 cm larger is to recommend if you want to be able to use a thick sock in them. 
Sounds like a lot of extra space?
Remember that the lining takes up some of the space within the inner measurement. 

Example: If your child's foot is 11,5 cm, size 21 should be perfect for your little one and allow space to grow in. Always measure the foot before ordering.

Click here for the size chart (You also see the inner measurement if you click the sizes in the scroll menu)

Care Instructions for the boots: 

The shoes are already basic impregnated, but if you use the shoes in very wet conditions, it is a good idea to impregnate them a few times during the winter with a water-repellent, organic impregnation spray. It is very important that you do not use an impregnation for pet leather as it will make the shoe stained but use a water-based impregnation spray. If necessary, you can also apply a layer of an ordinary, uncoloured shoe wax to the shoes.

Upper: Pineapple waste residues and recycled PU
Sole: Natural rubber

The leather part of the shoe is a vegan leather that comes from the waste products of pineapple 
The sole = natural rubber 
The lining = Granular Velvet Eco Nylon


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