BabyMocs Sunnies


Matching Children & Adult Sunnies!

Size Guide:
Fits best for children around 9 months up to 9 years

Adult Size:
Fits best for Adult and for children from age 9 years and up

    • Made out of recycled plastic and have a 100% UV-protection with a UV400 lens. 

    • UV400 is the category which blocks all light rays with wave lengths up to 400 nanometers. This covers all of UVA and UVB rays.


  • 2 sizes, 2 different models.
  • 12 colors 
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • CE-certified
  • UV400, Lens 3 category 
  • 4 models total for an entire family match! 
  • All sunnies come in a protective dust bag 

Signature Children Round Frame: 
Temple length: 13 cm
Front (width): 12.5 cm 

Children Classic Frame:
Temple length:13.5 cm
Front (width): 12.5 cm

Adult Signature Round Frame:
Temple length: 15 cm
Front (width): 14.5 cm 

Adult New Classic Frame:
Temple length: 15 cm
Front (width): 14.5 cm

Every head is unique
We have seen everything from a 3-month old to youths fit in the Children Versions but please refer to the many product pictures to see what they fit like on different head shapes/ages. The Children Sunnies usually fits well up to around 9 years, after that Age the Adult versions usually fit better but its individual from child to child. 

Recycled Plastic, UV400 Lens, CE-certified

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