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In 2023 we visited 7 different Christmas Markets! From our many Market Days in December we have a few remaining products that have been used as Display Products to decorate our Christmas Markets with that we would love to offer you to very discounted prices! 

What is the difference between an ordinary BabyMocs Product and a Second Hand BabyMocs Product? 

  • The Second Hand BabyMocs products have been used as Display Products at any of our 7 Christmas Market Locations this year. A Second Hand BabyMocs Product is as good as new and can either:
    1) Only have been used to decorate the Christmas Market Booth
    2) And/or tried on by a few other Market visitors.

    We will never ship a product to you that have any flaw but the only thing that differs from an ordinary product is that is it has been unpacked and used as display and/or tried on by few other Market visitors - nothing that impacts the product's functionality. 
  • An ordinary BabyMocs products have never been used as a display product or tried by another market visitor

    12 colors  (11 colors currently available as SECOND HAND/ DEMO DISPLAY products) 

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